GlassBuild America 2008—A Pleasant Surprise
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October 6 - 8, 2008 Las Vegas
The overwhelming sentiment of GlassBuild America was that it was “a pleasant surprise.” 8,000 visitors walked the aisles over the course of the 3-day event and 485 exhibiting companies displayed their glass, window and door related products.
"We are so pleased with the turnout this year," states Denise Sheehan, NGA VP of Industry Events."We had 9,000 or so visitors registered to come this year, with 8,000 of them actually coming and walking the aisles--it's definitely a sign of the current economic times that not everyone was able to join us this year, but we had 8,000 decision-makers in the aisles and a lot of happy exhibitors."
Both attendees and exhibitors alike expressed a positive impression of the event:
"All the exhibitors at the show were concerned about turnout this year given the down economy. However, the show has surpassed 150% of my expectation. Attendance has been great and ALL of us in the booth have been swamped from the moment the show opens to the moment the show closes. It seems that everyone wants to be in the Edgetech booth!" —Mike Hovan, Edgetech, I.G.
"I like to come to the trade show to see and feel and touch the products. My customers [builders, architects, designers] rely on me to help them make the right choices, and I like to be able to offer information on new products to them. The new technology that allows you to paint on glass, for example, is something we'll put in a newsletter to send out to our customers. Since we don't have a showroom, our customers have to rely on me to have that type of knowledge." —Mel Gordon, Gordon's Glass Ltd., Warrington, Pa.
"In spite of the economic conditions, we were pleasantly surprised with the quality of attendees. Wise business managers understand the economic challenges and are using this time to enter into strategic business relationships." —Kimberly Davis, Glaston North America, Inc.
I come down for fact finding every two years, and it works. These shows are wonderful. The goal of my visits is to learn and apply. —John Boyt, Replacement Glass Co., Inc., Anchorage, Alaska
"Excellent attendance and great traffic by the booth. We're very happy with the quality of attendees."
—Ric Jackson, TruSeal Technologies, Inc.
GlassBuild America 2009 will be held September 30-October 2 in Atlanta, GA.